School Day Calculator

You may know how long the lessons are at your child’s school and how many lessons they have each day. What you may not realise though is how little individual, quality, one-to-one interaction they get with their teacher each day.

Take a look at the calculator below and change the numbers to match your school. If you’re surprised at the results of the calculator you may be interested in reading our series of articles investigating alternatives to conventional schooling.

School Day Calculator

The calculator is simplistic and only intended to give an estimate. The calculator assumes a 5 day school week and that lesson time is divided equally between all children in the class with no time wasted. It does not take into account time that may be spent arriving to class, packing up at the end, handing out resources, whole class instruction and the myriad other ways in which lessons are interrupted. The actual time per child is likely to be significantly lower.

Class size: The January 2016 school census listed the average class size for primary schools as 27 and the average secondary school as 20.

School days per yearThe Education (School Day and School Year) (England) Regulations 1999 requires all maintained schools to open for 380 sessions (morning and afternoon) or 190 days per year.

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