Observe 3 individuals and assess the impact of Forest School on their behaviour and learning

The idea of categorising and quantifying a child’s emotions can sit uncomfortably with many Forest School practitioners and can appear to go against the principles of Forest School.

Many organisations, schools in particular, though require staff to evidence the impact of Forest School in order to justify funding sources, such as pupil premium, being used for forest school sessions so learner assessment is something that forest school practitioners are increasingly obliged to undertake.

A structured assessment process forms a framework for observations which can also be useful in identifying children’s needs and tailoring future sessions to meet them.

The Forest School Assessments tool is the standard for assessing progress in Forest School and evidencing impact of sessions. The assessment tool is easy to use and allows you to quickly and easily enter assessment data. Reports are automatically generated for you making it easy to evidence progress to leadership teams or parents.

There is a free trial that allows you enter one learner to test the tool before making a purchase. When you register you can also download a paper based version of the assessment for free.

To find out more visit https://forestschoolassessments.com/.

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